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          3M Tape

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          URETHANE FOAM:
          Indoor use. General purpose mounting.

          3M 110 Lightweight. For smooth surfaces.
          3M 4004 Heavyweight. 1/4" thickness.
          3M 4008 Heavyweight. 1/8" thickness.
          3M 4016 Light to medium weight. 1/16" thickness.
          3M 4026 Light to medium weight. 1/16" thickness.
          3M 4032 Lightweight. 1/32" thickness.

          Indoor use. Thinnest bond line.

          3M 4921 Lightweight. 1/64" thickness.

          VINYL FOAM:
          Weather resistant. General purpose mounting.

          3M 4408 Heavyweight. 1/8" thickness.
          3M 4416 Light to medium weight. 1/16" thickness.
          3M 4432 Lightweight. 1/32" thickness.

          Heavy duty.

          3M 415 Paper splicing and attaching.
          3M 443-PC Attach plastics or papers. Quick stick.
          3M 444 Bond plastics. Strong holding power.
          General purpose.

          3M 476XL Seal boxes and tubes for shipment.
          3M 9576 Paper splicing and attaching.
          General purpose.

          3M 9589 General industrial use.

          Quick, strong bond.

          3M 410B Laminating and splicing or mounting printing plates.

          Temporary attachment.

          3M 665 Linerless. General purpose.
          3M 666 Easy release liner. General purpose.
          3M 9415PC The "Post-it" tape. Very low-tack adhesive.
          3M 9425 Extra holding power. Easily removable.

          Search by 3M number

          High holding power and virtually invisible bonds.

          3M F9469PC Bond metal and aluminum. 5 mil.
          3M F9473PC Bond metal and aluminum. 10 mil.

          Bond bare metals, acrylic and polycarbonate.

          3M 4920 15 mil thickness.
          3M 4929 Black version of 3M 4930
          3M 4930 25 mil thickness.
          3M 4949 Black version of 3M 4950.
          3M 4950 45 mil thickness.
          3M 4955 80 mil thickness.

          Bond painted metals and plastics.

          3M 4926 15 mil thickness. Gray.
          3M 4936 25 mil thickness. Gray.
          3M 4941 45 mil thickness. Gray.
          3M 5952 45 mil thickness. Dark Gray.
          3M 4956 62 mil thickness. Gray.

          Bond specific surfaces.

          3M 4905 Transparent materials; glass, acrylic. 20 mil.
          3M 4910 Transparent materials; glass, acrylic. 40 mil.
          3M 4932 Polypropylene, polystyrene, and coated metals.
          3M 4945 Vinyl attachment; platicizer resistant.
          3M 5925 Powder painted metals, acrylic and polycarbonate.


          For smooth surfaces.

          3M 908 Acid-free matting and framing tape.
          3M 924 Light industrial. Excellent adhesion to papers and plastics.
          3M 928 Repositionable. Temporarily attach papers.
          3M 969 Heavy duty. Bond plastics, metals, vinyl and cloth.
          3M 976 Attach papers, plastics and foams with glossy coatings.

          Withstands higher temperatures.

          3M 926 Excellent adhesion to metals, foams and plastics.

          For smooth surfaces.

          3M 463 Industrial. Adheres well to papers and plastics.
          3M 465 Light industrial. Excellent adhesion to papers and plastics.
          3M 909 Light duty. Position parts during assembly.
          3M 920XL Light duty. Attach coated papers and plastics.
          3M 950 Heavy duty. Bond plastics, metals, papers, foams and vinyl.
          3M 966 Attach metals and plastics.
          3M 9472LE Excellent for powder coated surfaces and plastics.

          Withstands higher temperatures.

          3M 467MP Adheres to papers, plastics and metals.
          3M 468MP Thicker, stronger version of
          3M 467MP.
          3M 9485PC Excellent adhesion to metals, foams and plastics.

          Search by 3M number

          3M 33+ Premium grade all-weather vinyl tape for splicing and insulation.

          3M 610 High tack for instant bonds at temperatures up to 300o F. Clear.
          3M 650 Designed for high temperature splicing up to 300o F. Red.

          3M 235 Masks out unwanted areas in photo negatives.

          3M 5413 High temperature masking up to
          500o F. Excellent for circuit boards.

          3M 230 Temporarily attach drawings, sketches or blueprints to drawing boards.

          3M 8328 Easily carry small packages or cartons
          up to 30 lbs.

          3M SJ5510 Protect almost anything against damage from scuffing, scratching and nicking.

          3M 361 High temperature sealing, protection and insulation up to 450o F. Ideal for ducts.
          3M 3650 Very strong and conformable. Excellent for splicing rough, textured materials.

          3M 394 Air permeable backing for securing insulation inside appliances.

          Paper splicing, tabbing and core starting.

          3M 900 Excellent for lightweight coated papers, 906B,9022,9996,9993;

          3M 616 Block light from printing materials. Printer's "rubylith" tape. 2.4 Mil.

          3M #8952,2228,5491,9448,9448B,331s,331T,332,2K10,2k04,3k94,600,375,810,811,ST416,

          skip-slit tape,perforated tape,splicing tape,flying splicing tape;

          Search by 3M number

          MASKING - FINE LINE:
          High precision paint masking.

          3M 215 Excellent for irregular surfaces and complex shapes.
          3M 218 Flawless paint line. Leaves no residue.

          Light duty sealing, bundling and masking.

          3M 200 Most economical for non-critical applications.
          3M 202 Premium. Solvent and moisture resistant.
          3M 2214 Light duty tape for sealing and bundling.
          3M 2060 Mask lacquered surfaces. Sticks to stucco, concrete and wood.
          3M 2307 Utility grade for non-critical applications.
          3M 256 Smooth flatback paper. Easy to write on.
          3M 2308 Light industrial applications.

          Withstands higher temperatures.

          3M 213 Safe to use on aluminum.
          3M 214 Safe to use on copper and silver.
          3M 231 Excellent for reducing paint edge buildup.
          3M 232 Tough, high performance professional grade.
          3M 233+ Very conformable. Clean removal.
          3M 234 General purpose industrial applications.
          3M 2090 Designed for outdoor use with clean removal.

          MASKING PAPER:
          Mask large areas during painting.

          3M 6512 Strong and flexible. Resists solvents, lacquers and enamels.

          Seal, mask, bundle, patch, reinforce and repair.

          3M 390 Super strong cloth backing. Industrial use.
          3M 2120 Clear. Make repairs less obvious.
          3M 3903 Light duty. Ideal for color coding.
          3M 3939 Economy grade for light duty applications.
          3M 6969 High performance. Excellent for HVAC applications.

          High tack. Conformable. Abrasion resistant.

          3M 470 Masking during electroplating.
          3M 471 Premium grade. Aisle and safety markings or color coding.
          3M 764 Economy. General purpose color coding and aisle marking.

          Strong backing for heavy duty splicing and sealing.

          3M 396 Instantly bonds to hard-to-stick materials such as polyester or polyethylene.
          3M 630 Metalized backing for easy detection and removal.
          3M 850 General purpose. Clean removal.
          3M 1280 Protect printed circuit boards during electroplating.
          3M 8901 Powder coated paint masking.

          Conformable. High resistance to abrasion and chemicals.

          3M 483 General purpose sealing, splicing, labeling.

          Protects machine parts. Anti-stick. Easy to remove.

          3M 5453 Excellent for high temperatures. Glass cloth backing for strength.
          3M 5480 Very conformable. Anti-stick for wrapping rollers.
          3M 5490 Premium grade. Provides an exceptionally smooth surface.

          URETHANE FOAM:
          Indoor use. Cushioning and insulation.

          3M 4104 1/4" thickness.
          3M 4108 1/8" thickness.
          3M 4116 1/16" thickness.

          VINYL FOAM:
          Weather-resistant. Cushioning and insulation.

          3M 4504 1/4" thickness.
          3M 4508 1/8" thickness.
          3M 4516 1/16" thickness.

          METAL FOIL:
          Indoor and outdoor holding, sealing and patching.

          3M 425 Versatile. Seal ducts, repair trucks, protect parts and equipment.
          3M 431 Highly conformable. Permanently seal and patch trucks and equipment.

          SLICK SURFACE:
          Reduces friction, noise and vibration in equipment.

          3M 5421,5425 Abrasion resistant. Provides an anti-stick surface. Protects equipment from wear.
          3M 5423 Thicker, more durable version of 3M 5421.





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